Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sarubear on facebook??

Yep, and I am spreading the world for my come back to the world of art in May. You can 'Like' the page here;

I want more likes there so if you use facebook go like me and I will lub u allz moar! :)

I have been doing a lot of work and still doing a bit of travelling on top of a change in residence, things are crazy! Slowly but surely I am getting things done :)
I want more likes there so if you use facebook go like me and I will lub u allz moar! :)

- Saru

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines 2012! AGAIN!!

Welp, because I thought the last image was a bit half-assed, I decided to draw up a new illustration. This time featuring Coach Adrian Zelenik from On The Line, notice who the chocolates are addressed to? :)

Happy Valentines Day! More Candy plz!

A valentines day quickie for the blog. Max is messy with his candy~

Also a quick reminder to check out my facebook page at and 'Like' it if you haven't. Thanks and Hapy Vaelntines!


Sunday, January 1, 2012


And to ring in the new year is my first work of 2012, An OTL pic of the mains;

I'll eventually color this piece. I have been drawing a whole heck of a lotta OTL related drawings. Stay tuned for more as I have a few big announcements coming up for the first quarter of 2012!

Monday, December 5, 2011

1st convention COMPRETO!

So the weekend has come and gone and Bent-con is now just a memory until next year. So how was? Not too bad, I think I got some much needed exposure out of it and I think it's prepared me to do more cons in the future.

As for now it looks like I will be returning to working on OTL as I have set a release date for the second quarter of 2012. So check back here for updates because Saru is back in the game :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I will be at Bent-con today and tomorrow...

That's right, I will be there promoting myself, Otakubear and On The Line as I plan to finally release it in the second quarter of 2012. If anyone is in the LA area I ask you check out bent-con. More info can be found at

See you there!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A message from Saru...

Yep, I know I haven't been around for well over a year. I pretty much dropped off the face of the planet and I didn't want to turn my blog into a huge sob story so I just avoided it entirely.

But I'm back now and I'm here to stay for the long run. What does that mean? Well, new art for one. I'll be posting regular art entries once again including recent commission works and random promotional things, most of which will come after I am done with href=""> where I will have a table at promoting myself.

I also have to give a big thank you to some of you who've sent me such warm and supportive emails, one in particular that really moved me and was the real pusher for my recent activity.

But enough about all that, stay tuned for some new art :)

- Saru

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On The Line - Complete Profiles and Story Synopsis

A complete and updated list of character profiles and story description for On The Line.


Life can be tough when you're trying to discover yourself, life can be even tougher when everyone wants a piece of you in more ways than one!

Meet Mike Ashcroft, a young man with a lot going for him. Physically fit, carefree job and easy-going lifestyle. Sounds pretty grand, does it not? Well, not quite. Mike discovers that he's more than just a little curious about the same sex and decides it may be high-time to act on his curiosities, and when he realizes that some of the men around him feel the same way, things really start to heat up.

On top of all that, Coach's community center is being shut down by the city unless someone comes up with the funds to buy it and keep it open! Can Mike and Noah along with the Coach's guidance do what it takes to keep the center open?

With a meddlesome teenage sister, nosy peers, intense training and a fight around every corner will make for some real tough times ahead. Does Mike have what it takes Will it all work itself out in the end? Find out in the manic male adventure On The Line.



Michael Ashcroft (Mike)

Age: 25
Long Beach, California
Fighting Style:
Judo / Mixed Martial-Arts
Assistant Judo instructor, Pizza Delivery Man
Favorite Foods:
Pizza & pasta, Sushi and Burgers.
Watching MMA matches, K1 and Saturday Morning Cartoons.
Losing at Video Games, cold weather, people who abuse their power.

Mike's ambition is martial arts and hopes to be a recognized fighter someday but he doesn't exactly know what he wants out of life just yet. He is also a part-timer at the Inner-City Community Center which is run by Coach Zelenik, he and Noah assist Coach in teaching Judo lessons to city youth at the center. Mike and Noah were regular visitors to the center and were taught Judo on a one on one basis by Coach himself. Currently, he's employed at Papa Darios, a local pizza-parlor.

When he's not at the center, Mike spends his time with his best friend, Craig Martins. He and Craig have been friends since early childhood and often do many things together like go out for eats or sit around and play video games. Mike is a man of his word and has a somewhat strong sense of "justice", so to speak. Confident yet modest with a bit of a wild side. However, very competitive when it comes to video games, which Craig always wins at ever-so-calmly and it irks Mike to no end because Craig makes it seem so easy.

For years now Mike has known that he was attracted to the same sex but it wasn't until recent that he’s decided to act on his urges to experiment. And so, Mike often finds himself in a lot of tough situations, he has his aggressive personality and active libido to thank for that. Mike is oblivious of Craig's true feelings for him, Mike cares dearly for Craig, though his true intentions are never clear. Perhaps in time, Mike will realize just how much Craig cares for him, but will it already be too late?


Craig Martins

Age: 23
Chicago, Illinois
Fighting Style:
None (That anyone is aware of...)
Video Game Store Clerk
Favorite Foods:
Bibimbap (Korean rice-dish), curries (Asian or Indian) and churros
Video Games, Gadgets, Anime and Rollerblading
Fighting, People who are dishonest, broccoli

An easy-going, kind hearted individual who has always been able to see the good in others. Loves video games (especially retro-gaming) to the point that he took up a job at the Gamershack, a local game store so that he could be around games on a regular basis. He also likes to rollerblade and is (secretly) a good singer, among other "hidden" talents.

He and Mike have been friends for many years and holds him at very high regard, to the point where he sees Mike as more than just a good friend. Craig was never the physical type and avoided confrontation in school whenever possible, however when it was inevitable, Mike always had his back and protected him from anyone trying to cause him harm. It's this same "big brother" syndrome That's made Craig eventually fall for Mike but Mike is completely oblivious to the fact.

Over the years, Craig and Noah have become somewhat close,. But even though Craig has always been physically attracted to both Noah and Mike, he finds Noah to be somewhat selfish and cocky.


Noah Armstrong

Age: 26
Lexington, Kentucky
Fighting Style:
Judo, Wrestling
Rookie Police Officer, Part-time Assistant Judo instructor
Favorite Foods:
Burgers, hot-browns, Cheesesteak Phillies
Muscle Cars, watching Football, Gambling.
Most Seafood, import motors.

Meet Noah Armstrong, a very close (and very competitive) friend to Mike Ashcroft. At the age of 15, Noah’s father landed a marketing job with Matsuhita Technological Data Solutions branch in California and so his family had to relocate. Noah was not happy with the situation but he understood that it was an opportunity that his father could not pass up.

When Noah was 16, he joined an inner city community center where he made friends with the Coach, Mike and Craig, Noah’s father did not approve of his son hanging out at some inner city rec center but this did not matter to him and he continued to go. Once Noah turned 18 and graduated from the private school he was attending, he joined the Army, much to his fathers’ dismay as he wished for Noah to attend college. After being in the Army for 4 years, Noah joined the local law enforcement and became a police officer. He also returned to the community center where he was reunited with his friends, at which point Coach asked Noah and Mike if he would assist him with a judo class for the cities’ youth. In turn, he would learn Judo directly from Coach Adrian himself.

Noah is an all-American guy who enjoys a game of football and some beer and loves his classic cars with a passion. Also very self-confident, almost to the point of being cocky, Noah prides himself at being good at everything he does. Even though he hasn't practiced Judo for as long as Mike has, he isn't far from his level.

At some point, Noah shows an interest in Craig and eventually Craig reciprocates those feelings. However, this attraction to Craig may also be a product of his on-going (and somewhat unhealthy) competitiveness with Mike.


Adrian Zelenik (Coach)

Age: 40
Leningrad (Currently St. Petersberg), Russia
Fighting Style:
Manager for the Inner-City Community Center
Favorite Foods:
Beef Pelmeni, most Mexican food.
Animals, Vodka, cute things (secretly) and old American cartoons.
Animal mistreatment, long lines at the amusement park.

Olympic Judoist who migrated to America at age 26. Currently runs a community center in Los Angeles, Activities in the community center include weight training, basketball, mixed martial-arts and judo lessons. Mike and Noah are part-timers for the center and assist in teaching the Judo classes. Mike and Noah both trained directly under Adrian. The center does not have sufficient finances to stay open and will be closed by the end of the year. In turn, Mike suggests that he and Noah enter the upcoming V-S Fighting Tournament that's being held to try and win the prize money to keep the center open.

When it comes to coaching, Adrian is a real hard-ass. However, Adrian does have a soft spot for small animals and has quite a sense of humor. His pet cat "Charlie" is the most important thing to him and is often caught speaking gibberish to him. Charlie was a stray cat that Adrian found in a park.

Even though Adrian has been in the States for over a decade now, he still has a fairly heavy Russian accent and sometimes refers to himself in the third person.


Tetsuya Takamura (Testu)

Age: 28
Niigata, Japan
Fighting Style:
Sushi Chef
Favorite Foods:
Any kind of Seafood, Pancakes and most fried foods.|
Gachapon (capsule toys from vending machines), Anime theme songs, Fishing and flavored coffees.
Closed mindedness, getting scolded by Toshiro, being alone.

Tetsuya "Tetsu" Takamura, younger sibling to Toshiro Takamura and the youngest of four siblings. Tetsuya is a very light-hearted and playful man who enjoys collecting Gachapon (Small figures sold in vending machines throughout Japan) and loves watching animation and sing along to the theme songs.

A fisherman by trade, he worked for his families' business as a fisherman for Takamura Fish Co. for almost a decade. With Tetsuya's knowledge of fish, he decided to take schooling to become a sushi chef, he trained for about 4 years during which he was still working as a fisherman, however he was never been able to land a job as a sushi chef locally and continued working for Takamura Fish Co. Despite training to become a sushi chef, Tetsuya's dream was always to live abroad.

When Toshiro was relocated to the United States by his employer, Tetsuya saw this as an opportunity to finally live abroad and get out of this fisherman's slump, and so he begged and pleaded to his older brother to take him along. Toshiro reluctantly brought him along and currently, he is employed at UmaiRoll, a local Japanese restaurant as a sushi chef. Tetsuya had a very close friend by the name of Kohta, a fellow fisherman who he misses dearly.


Toshiro Takamura (Toshi)

Age: 36
Niigata, Japan
Fighting Style:
Security Director
Favorite Foods:
Most seafood dishes, Chinese food.
Classical Music, old Western/Cowboy films
Dishonesty, procrastinators, fried foods.

Tetsuya's elder sibling and Aikido instructor. A Security Director for Matsuhita Technological Data Solutions (a company that specializes in the technology of mass storage and portable storage media). A year ago, Toshiro was transferred to the California branch to assist with operations as the company was growing exponentially. The company he works for is also a sponsor for the fighting tournament which Toshiro plans to enter on his own behalf to closely monitor the activities of Augustin Gautier, an employee of rival company Von-Stuben Logistics.

Toshiros' attitude is often a serious one, though little brother "Tetsu" always manages to put a smile on his face with his antics. However, Tetsuya also does a good job at upsetting him as well. When Tetsuya asked Toshiro to bring him to the States, Toshiro flat-out refused and insisted he stay with the family. However, Tetsuya was almost brought to tears with disappointment and Toshiros soft side kicked in. Next thing he knew they were both off to the states.


Javier Castillo

Age: 35
Mexico City, Mexico
Fighting Style:
Occupation: Professional
Favorite Foods:
California Rolls, sopes, tortas and horchata.
Old Japanese-cartoons and samurai films dubbed in Spanish, sword collecting.
Cockiness in others, mistreatment of children.

A semi-famous wrestler from Mexico City, joins the fighting tournament for a chance at the grand-prize. Javier began wrestling with his brothers as a child and has been his life-long passion ever since.

He is known by his luchador name "El Castillo" (the Castle) in his country and throughout the wrestling world. Javier is not only physically fit but extremely agile for a man his size, with only three defeats in his entire career.

Even though he was born into a large family, he is a bit of a loner. He does though have a young orphan boy that he took into his families' district (pueblo) by the name of Alberto (Beto) that he is extremely fond of, Javier is Albertos hero and wishes to be just like his tough "uncle" when he grows up. Javier commonly refers to Mike and Naoh as the “beach boys” and dislikes them because he thinks they're cocky. Ironically, neither of them spend much time at the beach.


Augustin Gautier

Age: 30
Versailles, France
Fighting Style:
Bodyguard and Liaison to the Von Stuben Estate.
Favorite Foods:
Indian, Polish and Bavarian cuisine.
Dressing nicely, collecting rare art.
Getting his clothing dirty during a fight, Women.

An incredibly intelligent individual with many talents. Official liaison to Von-Stuben Logistics and personal bodyguard to the heir of the Von-Stuben estate, Erik Von-Stuben. Augustin speaks various languages fluently and was a special operative in the French Military which he joined at the early age of 17 during which he trained in the fighting style known as Savate.

Augustin was chosen for his special position at Von-Stuben logistics by Erik's father. However, shortly after that Erik's father passed away and Augustin was assigned to act as the face for the company until Erik was old enough to take care of operations on his own. After the fact, Augustin would then be his loyal right-hand man. Augustin is also registered as an entrant in the V-S tournament, though he has entered as an independent party, his involvement in the tournament has raised concern with rival company Matsuhita which ironically, is also one of the sponsors for the V-S Tournament.


Erik Von-Stuben

Age: 23
Helsinki, Finland.
Fighting Style:
CEO of Von-Stuben Logistics
Favorite Foods:
Undisclosed (however, rumors state he likes sweets.)
To have his way, motorcycles and biking.
People who oppose his views, people he deems as weak.

Born to a German father and a Finnish mother, Erik is the product of a wealthy upbringing and is now the head CEO of his fathers company, Von-Stuben Logistics. Eriks father passed away when he was sixteen, making him the sole heir to the Von-Stuben estate, Augustin took care of things for Erik until he was of age to fully takeover the estate.

Growing up highly privileged and always having the best, Erik is used to having things done his way and always gets what he wants.

Von-Stuben Logistics is the main company that is sponsoring the V-S Fighting Tournament event (hence, the name) among some other major corporations. and even though Augustin is an employee of Von-Stuben, he is not entering the tournament on the companies' behalf. But is he entering it on Eriks behalf? And why? Why is Von-Stuben holding the tournament to begin with?


Check back here for more character profile updates!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarubear Comic Previews.

Here are some previews for some of the stories I am working on, these are just the rough sketches for some of the pages and they are not in any order. First one is a page out of Detention.So far I have made the most progress with Detention! as far as completion goes, next is a page out of a story that I don't think I have properly introduced to the blog, it's called Tio~Mio,
And finally, an old skecth of what's left of On The Line. I say that because I actually had a hard drive crash where I kept alot of the data for OTL, so I lost several pages to it including a finished version of this page. Regardless of the HDD crash, I will continue to work on OTL even if it means redrawing a large number of the pages. Stay tuned for developments on these stories. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some changes! Some Sketches!!

First and foremost, I am sure you have all noticed that when you reached Saru-X it redirects to the blogs new name, the Sarubear blog.
Next, some images I have been working on, here are the sketches/line arts for em'.

A more serious take on Max of the Cubbywoofs.
These last two images was an attempt to do something a little different from my normal cartoon-y style and into something a bit more in the middle. This next image is just something I had to's a drawing of me dressed as Artan~ :3

People often mention that Artan looks a lot like a cartoon version of myself, this wasn't intentional.. but I guess it works. Speaking of Artan,
A sketch of him I eventually plan on coloring... at some point... later.. much much later.. >

Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Kugo :3

This next image WAS meant to be the new years image being the year of the tiger and all but I never finished it in time, the story of my life. Anyhow, this is Kugo, a tiger and a parody of sorts (the parody of what is probably obvious).
I was going to make 4koma to it or some sort of short but I would never finish it. Either way I thought it was a cute drawing that I'd share here, and since I never posted it it's technically new art, hehe :D Still finishing commissions for people at the moment. More to come.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where have you been Saru?!

I know, it's been forever. Usually when I don't update, it's because shit's hit the fan. Let me fill you in on a little of what's happened in my absence. First off, I was in a car accident with an uninsured motorist. She got off scott-free and my car was barely drivable, I had to take the bus to work from that point on. Next, my car was stolen and dumped somewhere in Panorama city... a day later, I was hospitalized for staph infection, it was basically poisoning my blood and I had to undergo surgery. I was in the hospital for days, ironically, I was admitted into the hospital on the day of my birthday, May 9th. While I was in the hospital, my stolen and abandoned car was collecting tickets that I am responsible for paying since I am the registered owner of the vehicle, I wouldn't find out about this until I left the hospital several days later. I now have two holes in my leg that are stuffed with gauze which are still healing and I take something like 14 pills a day.

Such a fucking sob-story, right?! Well, not really. I am feeling much better now and I can walk again, things are looking up and I was able to get another vehicle with a little help from a friend and I am back at work. No matter what happens, things could always be worse. I've learned to look at the day after, because tomorrow is always a brighter day. It may rain some days, but skies will always clear up at some point, it's just a matter of waiting.

So what am I doing now? Other than going back to work, I am finishing up commissions that are very late, to those who are waiting for their commissions, I apologize for making you wait so long. Which brings me to another point, I am closing commissions for an undefined amount of time as I just don't have the time for them anymore and I can't deal with some of the emails I've been getting regarding them. It just isn't worth the worry at the moment.

Well, I don't have much to post as far as art goes since I haven't really drawn anything new so I leave with this redraw of Craig - Broken Emotion redone.

Until next time folks!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Artan - An MS Paint wallpaper

Here's a drawing of Artan that I FINALLY finished in MS Paint after working on it little by little for a few weeks while I was at work. And much like how it used to be with my MS Paint drawings that I submitted, mouse and paint is all I got at work! :D
I am quite happy with how the shrunken version looks in contrast to the large version, the jaggies are less visible. A lot of the guys at work saying "Man you should try Photoshop!" I lol'd and then explained why I was using paint. Another co-worker who was watching asked why I was working on it in pieces, I explained that Paint doesn't have layers, so if you make it n pieces it can be pasted on top of each since Paint sees the white as a transparency when pasted. I don't know why I am going into this... ANYWAY. New draws! XD

Here's a Craig doodle I totally forgot about:He's all emo-face maximus isn't he? Yeah well Craig's an emotional type... or some junk :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trade w/ Adrinix. Hank!

This art was for a trade for a Cubbywoofs story that Adrinix wrote for me sometime ago of his original character, Hank. This piece was long overdue (Sorry moox!) but I finally got it done. Pic and profile below;
Hank's Information:

Name: Hank Ryan Murphy
Age: 36
Birthday: May 10, 1974.
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 215 lbs
Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Orange-Red
Body Hair: Chest, Forearms, Legs and Crotch
Body Type: Muscular
Cock size: 10 inches uncut. 6.5 inch girth (at the base)
Job: Collage Athletics Department, Head Coach.Hank normally coaches football, but you can have him be the coach of any sport you like. You can also place him in any other non-sports job you like as well, He's a jack of all trades. :)

The above was taken from Adrinix's club for hank from y-Gallery, it can be found here:

Currently I am still finishing up commissions, I am finding it difficult to dedicate time to draw as of recent but I will gradually work on my projects once I finish commissions. A thanks to all those who continue to follow the blog. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Doodle TIEMZ!

Yeah I know, been forever and a day. Well, I got a full time job a it ago and the time to draw has gone completely out the window. Right now all I have been doing is catching up on my commissions, and even those are slowly coming along. I really am not too sure when I will be able to get to my other projects now, I only get one day off (sometimes none) from work so it's been difficult, unfortunately though I was just barely getting by with my art. Okay, well here are some very quick doodles I did in baralover, all PsiFaction doodles;
A gentle Zev doodle~

Some Leandros~

And another of Zev.

Well, this is all for now, the next thing I post will probly be some more commission work unless I find something I have yet to post. See y'all later!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Commission - Karmakat x Mike

This is Kaze noskara's character Karmakat along with a very familiar face :)
I had fun drawing his character, more of this sexy kitty soon to come. ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rusty - My first Anthro

This little pup in Rusty, one of the first thing's I put was a sexy pic of him in Tap Out shirt in a ring. He's also my first anthro-muscle character (My first anthro character actually being Sarumaru the Monkey)...I drew this up sometime ago but never got around to posting it, been a few since I updated so I figured I'd put this up.

So what am I up to now? Well, Some things aren't going too well for me. I am in need of some serious mula, so I am taking commissions out the ying-yang (feel free to commission me! :P ). On top of this, today I had kidney problems.. I really won't go into the details, but since I will be in bed for a couple days, I can catch up on some of these commissions!

On a lighter note, I have some things I am excited about as far as new art goes so stay tuned. :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Commissions FAQ/Outline

Q. How do I commission you?
A. By sending an email to

Q. What will you do as far as commissions go?
A. Mostly everything, things I will NOT do are themes involving gore/guro, scat or bestiality which is not to be confused with Anthropomorphic as I am totally OK with that. Also, I will not draw girls engaging in sexual activities as this is a gay-themed blog. I will however, draw females in non-sexual situations.

Q. And what do you charge?
A. Here's a current price list (in USD);

Scroll down for an example of each category.

  • Quick Sketches - $12 (Additional Characters $8)
  • Clean (Inked, Hi-res) Outlines - $26 (Additional Characters $14)
  • Full Color (Hi-res 300dpi) - $64 (Additional Characters $26)
Full Color illustrations include simple color backgrounds and will be added by request. More complex background prices all depend on the difficulty and time it takes to complete the background. Simple graphic backgrounds like the one used in the example range around $6 to $20. Flat color or gradient backgrounds are no charge.

The process for commissions is as follows:
  1. Send me an email with your request and a very detailed description of what you want done. Please be VERY specific and as clear as possible. If I am drawing your original characters, please send reference pictures or very concisely written literature so that I can properly create your character.
  2. Once I accept your order, I will require half of the overall commission upfront.
  3. I will then come up with a rough sketch for you to review, if any changes are to be made this is when you will notify me of the changes.
  4. If I am coloring as well, I will complete this process and send you a low-res sample of the work. Once I receive your approval you may send payment or I will invoice you for it. Once the payment is received you will get a High-res PNG (Unless otherwise specified) via email.
Q. What is the method of payment and how do I pay?
A. You can make payments via PayPal. to

Here are the examples:

$12 Sketch
$26 Clean (Inked) Outlines

$64 Full Color
(Includes simple color background/gradient/pattern)

These rates are for personal commissions ONLY! You many not use these commercially. If you need commercial work done such as illustrations, character creation and development, you can email me and discuss your needs and I will provide you with a quote.

As the artist I reserve the right to use these images on my main site and blog. I also reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission as I see fit.

I hope this clears most of the questions you may have, if you have any more questions or need clarification, please feel free to email me at

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Max of the Cubbywoofs sliding down a chimney for the holidays~ Check out his sack to see what types of goodies he's got inside, I'm guessing everyone's been naughty!Happy Holidays from the Saru-X blog!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Characters Remembered

Here's some art for something that I never ended up using or even naming really, but this characters' name is Casey, I have posted a sketch of him on the blog over a year ago along with his buddies. Anyhow, here's a portrait shot of Casey;There is actually a back story to him and the other characters and maybe someday I will do something with it, not anytime soon though. Next is a doodle drawn on xat of Half beast man Wren on the right, Wild man Barza to the left with Casey in the center;Wren looks cute twiddling his fingers, doesn't he? XD. Just a quick doodle. :)